My name is Susan Laflin and I maintain a number of web-pages, both for my own use and on behalf of others. From my work as a lecturer (now retired) in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, I have a university website which contains details of my teaching and research while at the university.

Since retiring, I have been carrying out research in local history and place-names in Shropshire and this may be seen on my Name Studies website. I am engaged on two one-name studies, one of my father's family in Suffolk and the other of my mother's family in Shropshire. The Suffolk information may be seen at the Laflin Family website.
The Shropshire information is more diverse. The one-name study of the PREEN family may be seen at the Preen family website but I have also researched my own family line in the other three surnames most immediately connected to my mother. These are the families of my great-grandmother Elizabeth Everall, her second husband, my great-grandfather George Holland and my other great grandmother Elizabeth Morris (the second wife of William Preen).

Both my husband, Philip C. Barker, and I myself have an active interest in wargames and military history - in my case especially in the ancient period. Details of our activities may be seen on our wargaming webpages. These also contain details of WARGAMES RESEARCH GROUP, both the current company and the history of the books and rules published over the past 30 years.

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