Modern Fords and Ford Place-names.

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There are many fords still in use in Shropshire. This document contains references to some of them and will be updated from time to time.

"Boreton" Ford near Condover. SJ 504 065.

A obsolete ford between Condover and Frodesley. SJ 508 027.

Ford in Clee St Margaret. SO 566 845.

Darnford Farms (Lower, Middle, Upper and Top) Ratlinghope. SO 421 978. Derivation. This is a “derne-ford” or “hidden ford”.
Darnford Brook, Ratlinghope. SO 421 978. derne-ford SO 421 978.

Hampton Loade - a ferry not a ford. SO 745 865.

Hungerford, NE of Munslow. SO 538 894. Derivation: “honger/hunger” meaning “barren ground”

Ford by Lizard Mill. SJ 788 097.

Neen Savage ford. SO 674 775.

Papermill Ford, Longnor. SJ 486 014.

"Stoneyford",Burlington near Sheriffhales. SJ 777 110.
also Stoneyford Cottages, Burlington, near Sheriffhales.

Strefford SO 445 857. Derivation: This may be another ”streat-ford”, although it does not lie on Watling Street. Dr Houghton traced another Roman road which crossed the Byne brook at Strefford. This is one of the few ford place-names which is still a ford.

Fords on Watling Street SO 493 997 and SO 488 990.

Yarford Mill, Cound SJ 555 017. Derivation: possibly “gear” denoting an enclosure used for catching fish.

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