Bradford Hundred

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Derivation: Bradford Bridge (SJ 583 163) was the meeting place for the hundreds of Bradford North and Bradford South.

Visit and Photographs

It was visited in the spring of 2001. The first picture shows the view along the road, with the bridge and Bradford Mill both clearly visible. The road is running from Shrewsbury towards High Ercall and the site of the ford was the crossing of the river Roden.
This picture shows the view from the bridge looking upstream. It does not now appear to be a particularly suitable place to ford the river Roden.
This picture shows the view downstream of the bridge, with the side of the bridge on the right-hand side. It would be possible, but difficult, to ford the river in this position, but it is hard to say how this would have appeared in antiquity. The name "broad-ford" suggests that the road at this point was wide and consequently the river was spread over a wide area making it shallower than elsewhere.

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