Progress of the Ordicus Vitalis Group.

Last updated June 2013.

Recently the group decided to make some of the transcripts and translations of documents on which we have been working available here.

SA6000/7180 The accounts of the Shropshire Manors of William Earl of Arundel for the year 1534-1535.

SA552/2/1 Extracts from the Court Roll for Bishops Castle 1383-1384.

SA6000/7244 Accounts for the Manor of Kinnerley for the year 1363-1364.

SA3365/2689 Extracts from the Shrewsbury Coroners' Inquests from 1295 to 1306.

Wenlock Bailiff's Courts Extracts from documents relating to the Wenlock Bailiff's Courts between 1618 and 1621. A large collection of these documents have recently been placed in Shropshire Archives and some members of the group are helping to catalogue them.


The group works on various sets of documents relating to Shropshire and the resulting transcripts and translations are deposited in Shropshire Archives. The descriptions here list the documents studied and give an index of the names mentioned (to help those looking for particular surnames). To date, the following collections of documents have been made available:

In Autumn 2003, the manor court rolls for Longnor between 1484 and 1622 (SA 567/1/3-15) were studied.
In 2004, the Ditton Priors Manor Court Rolls 1510-1614 (ISBN 0-9548262-0-5) were published by two of our members. The small print run has now sold out, but a copy is available in Shropshire Archives.
In the spring of 2004, several of the bailiff's accounts for Ness Strange between 1374 and 1430 (SA 3607/I/A/27, 29 & 30) were studied.
In the summer of 2004, two sets of documents relating to the township of Cantelop in Berrington parish (SA 6000/6681-6691 & SA 6000/6592-6601) were studied.
In the autumn of 2004, manor court rolls for Hope Bowdler between 1497 and 1662 (SA 6000/2599) were studied.
In the first half of 2005 a number of individual documents were studied. These included accounts for Highley 1472-3 (PRO SCC/966/12/IP/311), Whitchurch 1485-6 (SA 212/Box 77), Ernewood 1373-4 (SC/6/967/3) and for the Shrewsbury Borough Bailiffs for 1479-81 (SA 3365/417-8) and 1457-8 (SA 3365/385).
In the autumn of 2005, we studied a group of manor court rolls relating to Waters Upton between 1509 and 1604.
In the spring of 2006, we studied two sets of accounts, those of the Earl of Shrewsbury for 1507-1508 and those of the Manor of Caus for 1563-1564.
In 2006, Shropshire Archives had obtained the "Lilleshall Collection", a large number of documents concerning Lilleshall Abbey. In Summer 2006, the Ordericus Vitalis Group worked on a collection of leases relating to properties in the "villa de Pola" (now called Welshpool) covering the period from 1285 to 1417.
In the autumn of 2006, we studied a document about mining in the Clee Hills and a number of deeds relating to the Manor of Langley between 1318 and 1346.
In late 2006 and early 2007, we studied a number of documents relating to the Mortimer family and two court rolls for Newport.
In the summer of 2007 we studied the manor court rolls for Worfield.
In the autumn of 2007 and early 2008, we studied documents relating to Madeley.
Later in 2008, we studied some documents relating to Tempseter near Clun and some relating to Bridgnorth.
In 2009, a variety of documents were studied. These included court rolls for the manor of Cardington, accounts for Clun in the 1540s, a deed relating to Stokesay in 1491, several Inquisitiones Post Mortem and manor court rolls for Church Stretton in the 1390s and Bishops Castle in the 1520s.
In 2010, we started by studying some of the Pipe Rolls relating to Shropshire, then the Market Charter of Wellington in 1514, accounts relating to Much Wenlock in 1538/9 (SA 1037/16/15), The swanimote of Brown Clee in 1587 (SA 1037/21/1), and Whitchurch accounts 1384/5.
After this we studied an assortment of documents and then, in late 2010 and on into 2011 we worked on the Survey of the Manor of Wem carried out in 1561 (SA 167/51) for Lord William Dacre. This has now been published and copies are available from Dr Sylvia Watts (

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