Deeds relating to the Mortimer family.

Accounts for 1373-1374. TNA SC 6/965/14. Accounts of Walter de Camera, parker at Cleobury & keeper of Houshill & the foreign wood of Wyre.
people named: Geoffrey Bluet, Roger Elf, William Hesley bailiff of Cleobury, Walter the parker, Roger atte Pole, Walter Woolrich bailiff of Stanton.

Accounts for 1383-1384. TNA SC 6/967/5.
Manor of Ernwood - accounts of Adam atte Hulle, bailiff to Roger Mortimer.
People named: Julian Black, William Blakemore, John Bryan, Lord Brian de Cornwall, Robert Dawson, Richard Deuxhill, John Durdens, William Elf, William de Ford (clerk), John Foxcote, Philip Holcote (steward), John Horwood (park keeper at Culvermede), William atte Londe, Roger Longlong, William le Macer, John Osebern, Robert Partrich of Dorstone (receiver of lordship of Wigmore), Thomas le Roo, Richard Scot, William Walshale (deputy keeper of the chase), Richard Wynnewood.

Accounts for 1384-1385 TNA SC 6/966/2.
Cleobury Liberty - Accounts of Richard le Tailler, bailiff to Roger Mortimer.
People named: William Baillieson (bailiff of Bewdley), Roger Partrich (receiver).

Accounts for 1384-1385 TNA SC 6/966/3.
Cleobury Park - Accounts of John Horewode, parker of Roger Mortimer.
People named: William Baillieson (bailiff of Bewdley), Richard the Parker, Roger Partrich (receiver), William Walshale.

Accounts for 1389-1390 TNA SC 6/966/7.
Cleobury Park - Accounts of John Cleobury, deputy of John Newport parker.
People named: Thomas Bulker, John Margretessorie, Robert Partrich of Dorstone (receiver of lordship of Wigmore), William Walshale (keeper of the chase of Wyre).

Accounts for 1389-1390 TNA SC 6/966/7.
Cleobury Barnes - Accounts of William Horneby, lessee from Roger Mortimer.
People Named: John de Brandesley, Walter a Eorleslone, William de Ford (clerk), Robert Partrich of Dorstone (receiver of lordship of Wigmore), Richard atte Shutte, Simon le Walcer/Walker & his son John, Stephen de Welyngton.

Accounts for 1395-1395. TNA SC 6/967/14.
Manor of Ernwood - accounts of Thomas on the Hulle, reeve.
People named: Julian Black, William Blakemore, Thomas Bulker, Robert Dawson, William Elf, John Giffard, Thomas Glover, Roger Greene, Adam atte Hulle (former reeve), William Huygens (former reeve of Wigmore), Roger Longland, William att Lynde, Thomas le Roo, Thomas Skeet, Richard Scott, Thomas Scot, Richard Smyth, John Strange, John Weer, Richard Wynnewode.

Accounts for 1473-1474 TNA SC 6/966/14.
Cleobury Foreign - accounts of William Were, reeve.
People named: Richard Baker, Richard Boterell, John Braddesby, John Bridde of Prestcote, Roger Bridde of Prestcote, William Bridde of Fraynes, Thomas Coningsbury, Roger Cratford, John Erleslane, John Ferrour, Thomas Ferrenour, John Frene, Richard Heryinge, William Horneby, John & Petronilla Lee, John Leighton, John & Margery Mally & their son Hugh, William Revenynge (deceased), Richard Streford, William Strefford, Richard Taillour, Thomas Walker, Walter & Alice Walker, John Welyns, John Were, William Were, Robert Werkeman, John White, John Wynnesley, the lord Duke of York.

Accounts for 1473-1474 TNA SC 6/966/14.
Cleobury Borough - accounts of William Nash, bailiff.
People named: Thomas Bowyer, John Browne, John Colman, William Derlynge, Richard Dolman, Joan Fremon, Hugh Haseley, Thomas Hereford, John Holbarowe, John Holyns, William Nash, John Newall, John Parlour, Peter Beaupe (receiver of the lord's money), John & Katherine Says/Sayes, Nicholas Smith/Smyth, Alice Taillour, Richard Taillour (former bailiff), Percival Turnour (last bailiff), William Wallebache (chaplain of chantry in Cleobury), William Were.

Accounts for 1473-1474 TNA SC 6/966/14.
Huggeley (Highley) - accounts of Thomas Lowe, reeve.
People named: John Aderne, Katherine Asteley, Peter Baupe (receiver), William Curteyes, William Harper, Roger Hopwode & his son William, John Hulle, Ralph Lowe (former reeve), Roger Lowe, William Lowe, Richard Muryden, John Palmer, William Palmer (last reeve), Richard Piers, Richard Pountney, Roger Ree, William Sayce, Thomas Southall, William White.

Accounts for 1478-1479 TNA SC 6/966/19.
Accounts of Richard Croft esq, receiver of Cardinal Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury.
Ludlow - John Tewe lessee of Castlemede, Walter Hubbald & John Lane, bailiffs.
Cleobury Foreign - John Newale reeve.
Cleobury Borough - William Symkyn bailiff.
Highley - Robert Martley reeve.
Cleobury Liberty - William Hereford bailiff.
Cleobury Bernes - Master James Friis.
Cleobury Park - John Hevyn parker.
Bewdley - John Acton under forest rider of the Chase of Wyre, Thomas Crawe bailiff.
Earnwood - William Turnour next reeve, John Wheler present reeve, William Miles parker.
Chelmarsh - William Hereford bailiff.
Cleeton and Farlow - William Hereford bailiff.
John Acton, steward of the court.
Richard Croft, receiver.
William, Lord Hastings, rider of the Chase of Wyer
John Hevyn, official of the King & parker of Cleobury.
William Miles, parker of Earnwood.
Edmund de la Mare, constable of the Castle of Ludlow.
William Leynthale, doorkeeper of the castle of Ludlow.
Richard Shermon, parker of Oakley.
Maurice Ludlowe (annuity).
John Parker and others (enclosure of the park at Bewdley).

Manor Court for Attingham 21st May 1518. SA 112/4/1/1A.
people named: Thomas Adderley, William Bayle, John Barnes, Roger Beyst, Agnes Bosse (recently deceased), Richard Cowper, Thomas Cotwall, William Cotwall, John Cutler, John Eyves, Richard Fermor, William Hancockes, George Hurst, Richard Janyns, John Kinge, John Mylward, William Newton, John Prowde (vicar of Attingham), Robert Sawyer (recently deceased), Richard Ticulls/Tyculls, Thomas Twysse, Richard Walker, Thomas Wegge, Matilda de Were (recently murdered), Ralph Whithead, Richard Wotton, Thomas Wotton, Thomas Wyderton, William Yervise.

Manor Court for Cleobury Foreign 27th October 1525. TNA SC 2/197/10.
people named: Joan Boraston, Thomas Boraston (recently deceased), Thomas Byrde, John Fermor, John Hall, John Halle senior, John Halle, William Halle, William Hulle, Humfrey Meysey gent, Richard Strayford, William Uncle (recently deceased), Richard Weer, Richard Weer (barker), William Wellyns, Edward Wynwood, William Wynwood.