Walter de Clifford, lord of Corfham granted land in the forest of Clee to Robert of Halcton, knight. Other names were: Lord Ralph of Arras, Philip de Bagesoweres, Bertam de Burgh, Lord Stephen of Buterleg, Lord Robert Corbet, William de Grosmund, Lord Walter of Hopton, William of Hugeford, Geoffrey of Ledewic & Lord John of Lingeyn.


17 October 1318. SA 1514/218.
Transfer of land in Ruckley from William (son of William de Hothales) to William Burnell, Lord of the manor of Langley. Also mentioned Walter of Bykedon & Roger of the Brook. WITNESSES: John de Brome, William Clerk, John de Prene, John Selimon & Adam le Taylur.

24th July 1319 SA 1514/219.
Transfer of land in Ruckley from William Burnell to Richard Osbarne of Acton Burnell. Also mentioned Margaret ? & William son of William de Hothales. WITNESSES: John de Brome, William Clerk, Roger de la Munde, John de Prene & John Selimon.

7th December 1321 SA 1514/22.
Transfer of land from William son of Thomas de Lee to John Selymon of Langley. Also mentioned Hugh de Eton, Richard de Eton, William de Wiggewyke. WITNESSES: John de Brome of Rokeleye, John Honaud, Richard de Hoghton, John de Prene, Alexander de Warturdene.

16th November 1323 SA 1514/222.
Quit claim of land transferred from Dyonisia (or Denise) the widow of John Colet of Ruckley to John de Prene. WITNESSES: John de Brome, William Clerk, Roger de Marton, William de Pykelscote, John S (probably Selimon).

6th January 1330/1 SA 1515/223.
Lease of two messuages in Rokeley to Richard Burnell by William Burnell and his wife Rose for an annual rent. Also mentioned William Morel, John le Schepeherde. WITNESSES: John de Brome, William Clerk de Longeleye, John de Prene of Longeleye, John Selymon of Longeleye & William de Pykelescot.

29th October 1337 SA 1514/226.
Quit claim by John de Brome and his daughter Sibilla (or Sibyl) of land in Rokleye to Edward Burnell, Lord of Longeleye. Also mentioned Richard Blakeburn & William de Picklescot. WITNESSES: Reginald lord of Leghe, John de Prene, John de Roulton, Roger Sprenghose of Prene, Roger Sprenghose of Wylverston.

12th March 1340/1 SA 1514/181.
Lease of land from Edward Burnell, lord of the manor, to Richard de Spenser of Hotalegh, his wife Cecilia and their two daughters, Alice & Margaret, for an annual rent. WITNESSES: Roger Colettes of Rokeley, Richard de Eton, John de Prene of Longel', John le Taylor of Hotaleg, John son of William of Acton Burnell.

29th September 1343 SA 1514/228.
Transfer of land from Philip Very and his wife Alice to Edward Burnell, lord of the manor. Also mentioned Edithe le Hare, Thomas son of Sibilla, John Hancoks. WITNESSES: Fulk Extraneus (Lestrange) lord of Longenour, Richard de Eton, John son of William of Acton, Thomas Osbarne of Acton, Roger de Whethales, John de Prene of Langley.

6th November 1346 SA 1514/229.
Lease of land in Rokeley by Roger Colet of Rokeley to John de Prene of Longel for an annual rent. Also mentioned Lord William of Longel, Roger de Wetalle, Margerie de la Wode. WITNESSES: Edward Burnel lord of Longel, Roger de la Broke of Longel, William Clerk of Longel, Richard de Eton, Lord William de Longel.